How Do SF Giants Do It-Best Record, Most Homers without Star Power?

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Annual San Francisco Giants AI-PE Watch (formerly PED as it now goes beyond just drugs as we found out in Houston recently)

The SF Giants have been the talk of baseball all year as we enter the final month of the season .
How could a mediocre team, on paper at least, have the best record in baseball,? Critics said they’d be out of the race by now. Burt its not really that much of a mystery to anyone who has followed the Giants over the years going back to Barry Bonds

The Giants were never known as a powerful team . In fact, they usually hit among the fewest number of homeruns-until this year.

So how have they managed this year to lead the majors in homers , without a single bona-fide power hitter-and playing in one of the most difficult parks to hit homers- ( even with fences moved in slightly this year, for this reason.).. You’ve got all these guys playing ‘launch angle’ . They may be hitting homers right now but their batting averages are suffering. It may work for awhile
what with a lighter schedule, until now. Let’s see what happens in September, AI or not….

AI? How do they do it?
Same way they won those 3 unlikely world series in 2010, 12 and 14

You’ve got players who keep getting better with age, ie Brandons Crawford and Belt at age 33 going on 34 . Remember Barry Bonds , who had his best years, including record breaking 73 homers in 2003 in his late 30s? Well little has changed in 20 plus years in the Giants’ laboratories except more advanced chemistry, once known as PEDs , for which the Bonds and Giants really paves the way for an early form of AI , THEN referred to as

BONDS guru said not long ago that up to 50% of players were still using and that players had to be ‘dunb or dumber ‘ to fail the lax baseball testing. We also knew that 10% of all players were on Adderall – and not all for real attention deficites.

We also know that A. Torres Late carreer dash with help from the Adderal bottle he shared with Huff and perhaps others on the team I

Then you have veterans who’ve never done anything willing to do anything for one last shot at the Golden ring
Think Lamont Wade Jr, Leone, Ruf and others who are having career years late in career life, too.

LAMONT WADE JR.-this years poster child for AI

Lamont Wade Jr. has to be this years poster boy for ‘AI’- Never hit more than 11 homers in the minors. With the SF Giants he’s already hit 17 -more than Buster Posey-in less than a year playing part-time. In fact he’s hitting one homer in every 15 at bats- truly Ruthian numbers!

it’s Magic! LIke many Giants, Wade Jr suddenly became a homerun hitter this year with 17 homers in only 260 games with a .844 OPS. From midgets to Giants in one year!

AUBREY HUFF WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK AB, BASEBALL JUNKIE, ABOUT THIS -how he and others artificially enhanced their baseball powers at advanced baseball ages to catapult themselves and the team into the rarified air, ie the
Giants first world series victories in 56 years.
Huff’s modus operandi was Adderal, a attention deficit disorder drug which doubles as a performance enhancer
SF has long been the epicenter for artificial
thou Houston took over the honers briefly :.

You see, for ‘Mr Moneyball, ‘ Giants Farhan Zaidi , its no longer about analytics as he was so famous for, but , just like his predecessor, finding over the hill guys willing to do most anything to salvage their careers.
Unlike other teams interested in bringing in name players thru big trades and free agents and who fans can get behind, Zaid will -throw dozens of players at the Wall until one sticks. And then that/those players are usually gone in a year . Interesting to see last year’ poster boys Yaztrmski and Dickerson already fading this year. Will this year’s ‘finds’ Wade Jr and Ruf even be around next year?

Perhaps this also explains,in part, Giants fans staying away at the gate (Giants averaging about 18,000 fans a game this year, 13th in the league.

SF giants AI / PE / Steroid /PED Watch

Lamont Wade Jr -Who he? From out of nowhere…
Never hit more than 11 homers in full season (minors,) already has 17 w giants playing part time
with one in every 15 at. Bats = Babe Ruth territory
Thairo Estrada (venezuelan) never hit more than .240 , now
Logan Webb- a known commodity having been suspended already
Probably others but these are standouts in our opinion, based on very unlikely histories

Ruf- from
796 OPs to 930 whilemraising his average at a dance age (35)

Belt aND crawford-same old story-1
Just keep getting higher nos at advance ages-with telltale injuries (e.g. obliques) along the way.

And Logan Webb with his outrageous sliders you may remember was already a member of the ‘dumb and dumber having served a PED suspension as a first year Giant. No doubt he’s since gotten some tips from the Big Boys how not to get caught so he can once again throw those near unhittable pitches

Remember, PED